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Lavina today

Lavina Sp. z.o.o. - is the General Representative and Distributor of the Superabrasive company in Poland. Superabrasive is one of the founders and thus the leader on the market of machines and tools for concrete and stone surface treatment.

 Superabrasive has been manufacturing high-quality machines, tooling and diamond equipment since 1986. . Its offers the most popular product brands - Lavina®, HEXO®, NATO®, T-BONE®, Callibra, V-Harr®, ShinePro®, Trio®, Trivex® and other, continuously winning markets of many countries.

Today the Superabrasive's production plant in Bulgaria employs more than 350 specialists. The Superabrasive's products are present in more than 30 countries around the world. The company has become leader on the U.S. market and sees rapid development on other world's markets.

 Lavina Sp. z o.o. is not just a dealer. We offer our Customers high-quality products, service support, professional technical training, service and assistance in individual projects. Being partners to our Customers, we are able to provide good financing conditions when purchasing the equipment at the start-up and on the business development stage. We seek investments for certified business partners.  We own trade office, service facility and a 500m² storage area in Warsaw. Our office building includes a showroom which is equipped especially to hold shows and presentations of technologies for polished concrete. We try to give our Customers a little bit more than we're expected.


Thank you for your interest in our company. We'll be glad to see that we contribute to Your success!