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High-speed polishing machines

High-speed polishing machines are necessary for quick cleaning and polishing of hard surfaces. Concrete floors, terazzo, polished concrete can be cleaned very easily, using a polishing machine operating at high rotational speed together with a diamond or a cleaning pad. Trowelling of many protective sealers is impossible unless a high-speed polishing machine is used. We offer the top-quality high-speed polishing machines by Lavina Superabrasive and one of the best American manufacturers - Amano Pioneer Eclipse..  

High-speed polishers and their application
These machines are successfully used in:

factories, processing plants, warehouses and other industrial facilities,
commercial facilities (supermarkets, shopping malls, wholesalers, clothing stores),
restaurants, clubs, pubs, wedding houses,
hotels and guesthouses,
airports and stations,
schools, kindergartens, nurseries,
offices and public institutions,
hospitals, clinics, clinics,
office buildings and other buildings with office space.

They are also used by companies providing cleaning services and rentals of professional equipment and machines. We encourage all representatives of the above-mentioned places and institutions to familiarize themselves with our offer of scrubbing machines. We offer a variety of machines for scrubbing and cleaning surfaces, ranging from scrubbers, through polishers, to scrubber-dryers. There are models with an operator's seat or in a walk-behind version (designed for objects with smaller areas). Their use will translate into faster floor cleaning, better care and the ability to maintain in excellent condition. Machines will also be useful in the case of floor renovation (removing old coatings, smoothing the surface before applying the impregnation, giving gloss).

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