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Power trowel grinding, polishing concrete

Trowel Shine is a new solution for quick grinding and polishing of large concrete surfaces.

See PPT presentation 


The system was created for the performance of works:

  • polished concrete
  • deep cleaning and regeneration of the concrete surface
  • to repair quality of the new floor, with execution error

The system is characterized by soft, rotating heads, that allows faster surface treatment. The system works wet on gradations  50, 100, 200, 400, 800, and dry on gradations 1800, 3500 and BUFF.

The Trowel Shine System is the fastest grinding, polishing system with a trowel in the world.

The Trowel Shine system is the lowest cost per 1 m2 in the polished concrete industry.

The Trowel Shine system includes: plastic or ceramic diamond tools and chemicals for hardening and impregnation of concrete.

We offer training, selection of tools, project cost calculation, and practical tests at the target site.

Flooring companies are welcome to cooperate with us.