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Grinding and polishing machines

Lavina Superabrasive has been producing grinding (planetary grinders) and polishing machines since 2001. Lavina ELITE planetary grinders are a new line of machines produced since 2019.

Why are we the market leader? Extensive production experience, continuous cooperation with polished concrete contractors and cleaning companies around the world, the highest quality of production - all this together with innovation contributes to the company's development. Today we are known on all continents, we work in 36 countries around the world.

Proper preparation of the concrete floor requires the use of specialized equipment. This includes concrete grinding machines with which the surface can be processed efficiently and effectively. Concrete grinding is a modern processing technology that consists of removing the surface layer in order to get rid of unevenness, dirt (glue, resin, paint), remains of fillings, cavities or old, damaged coatings. This operation can be performed dry or wet. After the grinding is completed, the substrate is impregnated with appropriately selected specifics - this allows to increase the resistance of the floor (to damage, low temperatures, chemicals, etc.) and improves its appearance.

Concrete grinding machines - how to choose a device? Concrete grinding technology allows to obtain high hardness of floors, resistance to abrasion, fluid absorption and mechanical damage. Depending on the concrete grinding machine chosen, it is possible to achieve additional functional and visual effects, e.g. gloss. For large facilities and rooms, machines with a large working diameter (655 mm, 814 mm, and even 965 mm) are recommended, which allows faster processing of a large area. For small rooms, e.g. staircases, concrete grinding machines with a smaller working diameter, e.g. 310 mm, will work best. Some models have a special design for processing corners and for spot grinding of expansion joints (slots). Our offer includes both electrically powered machines (230 or 400 V) and machines equipped with a gas engine, which in many cases facilitates work (no cables, independence from electricity).

We encourage you to check out our  concrete grinding machines offer shown below. We guarantee access to the latest technology and effective solutions developed on the basis of many years of experience and cooperation with concrete contractors as well as construction and cleaning companies.