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Regeneration, crystallization of stone floor

Using the Lavina Floor technology it is possible to carry out marble, granite grinding and polishing. Technology of stone grinding and polishing differs from that of concrete grinding and polishing.

Stone is always ground using Lavina rotary machines, and polished, using wet method, with diamond tools for marble or granite.

Marble is a soft stone that needs crystallization (surface hardening) during grinding and polishing.

Granite has various classes of hardness. Thus selection of technology for grinding and polishing and selection of polishing powders, gels and sealers is dependent on the selected reworking system. 

Stone reworking and crystallization enables to give a new, great appearance and new functional properties of surfaces. 

For stone grinding and polishing we offer diamond tools, polishing pads, diamond pads for crystallization and cleaning, chemical sealers and crystallizers.