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Lavina Floor Polished Concrete

What does this technology involve?

The Lavina Floor technology involves grinding, polishing, hardening and sealing of concrete and stone floors. Grinding is carried out with our Lavina rotary machines using dry or wet method. The surface is hardened and sealed with chemicals.

Why polished concrete is the right pick?

Lavina Floor polished concrete is the most efficient and cost-saving solution for industrial and commercial floors. The biggest advantage of the technology is that polished concrete contains no upper layer being subject to damages when in use. Standard floor concrete undergoes grinding, polishing, chemical hardening to achieve an abrasion-resistant surface.

Cost effectiveness:

Lavina Floor means the industry-lowest cost of executing 1 m² of the floor as compared to other surfaces.

Resistance to ingress of water and dust:

Properly ground, polished and sealed Lavina Floor prevents formation of dust and penetration of liquids and dirt.

Environmental protection:

Lavina Floor is a completely “green” technology and thus includes no waxes, polyurethanes, solvents, volatile organic compounds.

Long lifetime and reliability:

High resistance to abrasion and low costs of treatment and maintenance enable keeping the polished concrete in a perfect condition for many years.

Gloss and decorative effect:

Lavina Floor surfaces feature a very high gloss, but are not slippery. Multiple solutions and selection of gloss according to a Customer's needs.