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Lavina ECO Polished Concrete

What does this technology involve?

The Lavina Floor ECO technology involves light grinding (deep cleaning), polishing, hardening and sealing of a concrete floor. Grinding is done using Lavina B36G-S machine at high rpm's with micro diamond screens and diamond pads. The surface is hardened and sealed with chemicals.

 Advantages of Lavina Floor ECO technology

  1. The Lavina Floor ECO technology allows to perform 500-1500m² of cleaning and reworking of concrete floors within 8-10 hours.
  2. The floor becomes smooth, hard and emits no dust.
  3. Costs of operation and cleaning with automatic cleaners is significantly lower. 
  4. The floor reworked using the Lavina Floor ECO technology looks great.
  5. Use of Lavina Floor ECO technology on new concrete floors with powder improves the floor surface quality and its appearance.

 Cost effectiveness: Lavina Floor ECO means the industry-lowest cost of concrete floor reworking and cleaning of soiled surfaces. 

Resistance to ingress of water and dust: Properly sealed Lavina Floor ECO, prevents formation of dust and penetration of liquids and dirt.

Environmental protection: Lavina Floor ECO is a completely “green” technology and thus includes no waxes, polyurethanes, solvents, volatile organic compounds.