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Lavina Trowel Shine - power trowel grinding and polishing

    Trowel  Shine Presentation            


Lavina Trowel Shine is a new system for honing and grinding of green concrete and old concrete using power trowels (helicopters) fitted with innovative Lavina heads. The system enables flooring companies to perform very quick grinding and polishing of concrete floors. Concrete floor hardening and sealing with chemicals is done while grinding and at the end of polishing.

Advantages of the technology:

  1. Lavina Trowel Shine is the first system for power trowels which involves planetary rotation of grinding and polishing tools. Such solution enables a uniform wear of all tools, increases tool productivity, provides time-savings and cuts costs of 1m².
  2. Low financial cost at business start-up. Just use your own concrete power trowel and fit it with Lavina Shine Floor system.
  3. Concrete grinding and polishingis performed in a very simple and fast way using a single- or double-head power trowel, which nearly every floor-layer has at a disposal.

  The system enables quick and cost-efficient preparation of industrial floors to achieve the polished concrete effect. It is recommended for use by concrete floor-laying companies.