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Decorative concrete floor

Lavina Floor polished concrete means wide range of decorative solutions

Concrete floor grinding and polishing technology can be used for preparation of decorative floors.

Choice of solutions:

  1. Ground and polished floor concrete with open aggregate or without, at various grinding depth and with various degree of gloss.
  2. Ground and polished dyed in mass floor concrete
  3. Ground and polished surface dyed floor concrete
  4. Thin-layer concrete (self-levelling or trowelled concrete mass) in variety of colours. 5-25mm thick layer.
  5. Ground and polished terazzo tiles.
  6. Ground and polished floor concrete with hardening powder.

Concrete is a mineral material, and offers a unique decorative effect. Concrete floors prepared in various technologies are becoming more and more popular. Apart from an attractive appearance, polished concrete retains many advantages when in use.